Lodekka Partners with Wanderlust for Head to Tow Fashion Truck Show

Wanderlust mobile shop and Lodekka double decker dress shop will co-produce a public event on Saturday, June 4 from 2pm – 10pm that will give guests the opportunity to shop in two fashion trucks in one night. Wanderlust is housed in a mint green 1969 Cardinal Deluxe trailer and Lodekka sets up shop in a 1965 British double decker bus.

The respective business owners, Vanessa Lurie and Erin Sutherland, became friends after both were interviewed for a piece on fashion trucks for NPR’s Marketplace in February. The two bonded quickly over their penchants for thrift shopping and similar taste in clothing. They immediately started cooking up plans for a summer event.

Both shops offer vintage clothing, accessories and shoes. Wanderlust also incorporates local handcrafted goods and Lodekka has a small miscellaneous section with knick-knacks and books.

“We get shoppers from all over the world who are attracted to our shops because they don’t have anything like this where they live,” says Sutherland. “We’re like roadside attractions full of really delightful souvenirs.”

Wanderlust started as a mobile business that only traveled to special events, but it recently found a home next to Bishop’s, Close Knit and Bolt at NE 21st & Alberta. The shop debuted in its new location on March 1st for Alberta’s first unofficial Last Thursday. Wanderlust now opens for shoppers on Saturdays from 11am – 6pm and Sundays from 11am – 4pm.

For the June event, Wanderlust will park at the corner of N. Williams and N. Failing from 2pm – 10pm, where Lodekka’s double decker bus is permanently parked. The scene will be marked by patio lights, picnic blankets and lawn games, and both shops will offer special discounts, beer and wine tasting, raffle prizes and music. Lucy’s Original will also provide scrumptious burgers from their 1986 Chevy Step-Van.

"We're really excited to join forces,” says Lurie. “We think our shops will really complement each other. Not to mention, it’s a lot more fun to collaborate than to compete.”


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