In typical Fourth of July fashion, I worked in the yard today with my boyfriend and his mom, Sharon. In preparation, I looked through my bin of grubby clothes for an outfit that could endure the heat, dirt, weeds and other yard debris that I was about to immerse myself in.

When I cracked open that bin, a flood of memories of working on my bus came rushing back. The first shirt I pulled out was covered in the pink paint I used on the interior of the bus and the pants had brown and cream streaks of paint from the exterior. Just seeing these colors transported me back to that dirt-lined parking lot in deep SE Portland where I spent every single day from May to October getting Miss Ginny ready for her close-up.

After the morning of yard work commenced, I opened up my laptop and searched for photos of the bus conversion process (that I had successfully avoided looking at all these months). The work was so grueling and isolating that I had never been interested in reminiscing about it - until now. There was something about digging in the earth in the hot sun today that made me miss those days of honest work. It reminded me that those miserable days of hard labor afforded me the opportunity to do what I get to do now: sit on a bus, talk to interesting people and help them find treasures.

Here are a few of the photos that jumped out at me:

Photo that the used car lot in Eugene posted in their Craigslist ad. I'll never forget the day I saw this.

The side of the bus, which used to read "Decathlon Athletic Club." I later found out that Decathlon was a meeting place for hockey players in Burnsville, Minnesota, and my bus used to take them to their games.

My first major project: tearing up the flooring (which was glued to plywood) on the upper floor when it was about 80 degrees outside. Miserable.

Finally seeing the school bus yellow give way to a shiny, clean coat of paint.

My dear friend Tara rolling the first story exterior while a glass installer puts in one of the last windows. That project only took 4 months.

The dresses that started taking over our house.

Finally being able to visualize what this puppy was going to look like when she was painted and had all her windows.

The bottom floor getting finished up.

First day in her new home.

Happy holiday weekend, everyone - and happy reminiscing!


  1. Wow! What a project. It is beautiful!

  2. I am so proud of you taking this from a goofy idea to full-blown success. Thanks for the ride!

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