The Most Important Dress in My Life...Right Now

I have the distinct pleasure of wearing my mother-in-law, Sharon's, wedding dress at my impending nuptials on October 22.

She had it handmade in the 1970s with silk that her dad brought back from the Korean War. It's a darling 60s A-frame cut with an empire waist, boat neck, long sleeves and a big bow right in front.

Sharon first brought me the dress to see if I wanted to sell it at Lodekka. Mind you, I was not engaged to her son when she brought me the dress. I really loved it and decided to presumptuously hang on to it - just in case. About 2 months later, Brian and I got engaged.

The dress zips up at this point, but I have a little more work to do if I want to cut a rug in it. Wish me luck!

I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect wedding shoe. I found a pair that I adore, but they seem to be out of stock everywhere in the world.

Cute, right?

My friend, Vanessa, recently told me that I should NOT skimp on wedding shoes. I should find a pair that I absolutely love and just buy them. In that spirit, I'm going to keep combing the universe for these shoes. (They're size 7.5/38 UK Irregular Choice "Can't Touch This" in off-white, in case anyone wants to join me in the search!)

I got an email from Sharon a few days ago saying that she found her wedding headpiece bundled up and packed away in a suitcase. I can't wait to try it out. I don't typically wear things on my head, but I may just have to make an exception in this case.

I will have to figure out how to get it to stay on my head when those 30 MPH Oregon Coast gales kick in during the ceremony...


  1. they're in stock on the UK site?

  2. ...but they only have size 36. :(

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