Lodekka is Moving!

Where do I begin? The following is a very abbreviated version of what has transpired over the last 6 months. I’ll attempt to give you an overview of why I’m moving the bus without boring you with the minute details.

Several months ago, someone complained to the city that the bus was obstructing the view of oncoming traffic on northbound Williams Ave. I knew immediately that the complaint wasn’t because I could have parked my bus much closer to the sidewalk, but chose to offset it by several feet so I didn’t disturb pedestrians or the flow of traffic. The city dismissed the complaint, but found all kinds of other problems when they visited the property.

They decided – after telling me initially that I had done my due diligence and selected an appropriate spot – that the bus was parked illegally. Their official letter stated that the property needed 1) pavement, 2) a curb cut and 3) L2 landscaping. In my estimation, these upgrades would cost between $5K - $10K. They gave me the option to appeal all 3 citations for $6300, with no guarantee that any of them would be accepted. Neither option was very appealing.

Over the next several months, I worked with my landlords to devise a proposal to the city that would minimize the number of improvements I had to make to the land: we wanted to meet them somewhere in the middle. We exhausted every angle, and just couldn’t make it work. The city wouldn’t budge.

I had conversations with several potential landlords about the possibility of moving my bus onto their property, but all the scenarios fell through. Some properties weren’t zoned properly, others were too expensive.

Somewhere along the way, I made a wise pact with my uber-creative friend Vanessa {below} of Wanderlust that we would look for a new spot where we could park our shops next to each other. We were both tired of trying to build our businesses in such isolated circumstances, and felt like our shops would complement each other.

After months of negotiating, fretting, scheduling, meeting, cold calling, drinking, worrying, complaining and agonizing, it seems that Vanessa and I have a spot! We will be moving to a parking lot in front of a cute little 1950s building between Pix and Hopworks BikeBar, a mere HALF A BLOCK north of where Lodekka is currently parked. We’re excited to have a more enclosed space where we’ll be somewhat protected from the elements, we can create a common area and we can host events together.

In a perfect world, I would have started telling friends and customers about the move months ago, but alas, I just found out about it myself. Not to mention, I was off getting married last week.

Vanessa and I are planning a grand re-opening in December. We’ll be announcing the specifics on Facebook very soon. Stay tuned!


  1. This is so exciting! Can't wait to visit the new digs!! <3 <4 <5 RR

  2. Congratulations to both of you! This is super exciting news! Perhaps we shall bring our Olive up for a visit next Summer!? Also congrats on getting married!
    xo the girls of oh so lovely vintage

  3. Good on the Two of you...I'll be waiting to see the new YOU...Next time I'm in PDX...

  4. It's perfect! A win win for you two and for your customers as well. Look how adorable you are!
    Best of luck...can't wait to see the new space!

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