Lodekka's Etsy Store is Live!

After many months of toying with the idea, I finally decided to open a Lodekka Etsy store. This will hopefully give our friends who live outside the Portland area a chance to shop at the bus - without actually coming to the bus!

I felt really strongly that the bus should be included in all of the photos of the garments, since the bus plays a major role in the experience of shopping at Lodekka. I look forward to the sunny days ahead when we can take photos outside and the models can be warm!

The lovely and talented Katrina Taylor was kind enough to spend an afternoon in the bus taking photos of our lovely friends, Stacee and Lauren. Katrina (or Kat, as we endearingly refer to her) is an accomplished documentary filmmaker and lifestyle photographer. We begged her to try her hand at fashion photography, and she captured these garments beautifully. I feel so lucky to have worked with such a patient, sweet and talented individual! Take a look at samples of her work on her website.

I similarly begged my favorite customer, Lauren, and fellow Williams Avenue shop owner, Stacee, to model for me. Lauren is also sewing and re-engineering dresses for the shop under the name ¡Rasquache! I'm so excited to make her creations available to the women of Portland. Stacee owns Spielwerk Toys, an enchanting community toy store - just 1/2 a block from Lodekka - featuring classic and modern toys. Thanks to these lovely ladies for making my Etsy store happen!

Here are just a few of the items for sale:

1950s Re-engineered Charles Berg Silk Cocktail Dress

1950s Dynasty Silk Dress and Jacket
Nancy Johnson Linen and Lace Wedding Dress
Red Poly Secretary Dress with Mesh Leaf Pattern


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