Gunne Sax Dresses

My incredible mom found four Gunne Sax dresses over the last month that she graciously donated to my shop. I remember loving Gunne Sax dresses back in the 4th and 5th grades, and wearing them for school pictures. Mine were red and navy blue; I never had a dreamy white or cream one like these. I was heavily influenced by Little House on the Prairie, and these dresses made me feel like a veritable Laura Ingalls Wilder.

While they're not exclusively wedding dresses, these frocks would sure look fabulous at farm or outdoor weddings. They're all made of breezy cotton and lace, and they flow beautifully. Thanks to photographer, Amanda Mathson, of 8Mosaic and our naturally beautiful model, Miss Katrina Taylor for a magical, eerie and invigorating photo shoot. It reminded me why I love Oregon so much.

Check out these lovely dresses in the Lodekka Etsy store.


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  2. Great of doble neck lace wedding dresses that the model wears. It looks so elegant and fashionable.

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