Lodekka Featured in InStyle Magazine!

When a representative of InStyle Magazine contacted me a few months back, I was thrilled. I was also skeptical that my shop would ever end of on the pages of my favorite magazine.

Then about two weeks ago, my Twitter followers started multiplying mysteriously. I couldn't figure out why. No one had mentioned Lodekka or re-tweeted any of my life-altering quips. I was stumped.

Then I started getting emails from friends: "Holy crap! I just saw your bus in InStyle!" The issue had not hit newsstands yet, so the only readers who saw it were subscribers.

Now the issue is available everywhere, so go out and get your copy! And please tell my parents that you saw my bus in InStyle Magazine the next time you bump into them in the grocery store. I'm still trying to convince them that following my entrepreneurial aspirations was a good idea.

Photo Credit: My Crappy iPhone Camera


  1. Eyy, Guess what -I couldn't help not posting, then, that It's entirely believable that you're still trying to convince your parents of what you said you're still trying to convince them, mate!

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