Special guest at the bus today!

My friend, Ty, is an amazing leatherworker and he'll be showing his wares at the bus today. He'll be selling various styles of rings, cuffs and necklaces (among other things). I have a feeling the patrons of Williams Ave. are going to eat his stuff up!

Here's Ty's artist bio:

With love and reverence for all life, I developed an insatiable desire to create wearable art and populate the the world with walking canvases curated in kind. Sprouting from Southern Oregon roots, my creations pay homage to the wild landscape of my childhood. Believing trees and rocks are friends and that toys can be formed using the world around established a foundation for lifelong creative exploration deep within my spirit. Each piece I create extends from this core, carrying with it my love of the artistic process and respect for the audience who elevate them beyond consumer commodities. The thrill of the hunt when I look for materials is an excitement that constantly motivates me. Scraps of leather, locally harvested beeswax, found items from the city streets, buttons and anything once loved brands my work with uniqueness. My hands become a conduit between these materials and their destiny.


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