New Job at Ethos

Wow, am I ever behind on posts! I got a job at another business on Williams Avenue a few months ago, and now my days are filled with helping customers at the bus and working on behalf of my new employer during the moments in between. It's been a little overwhelming, but I think I'm finally hitting my stride.

I am working as a marketing and communications consultant for Ethos Music Center, which is located just down the street from my shop on the corner of North Williams Ave. & Killingsworth. I love this new job for so many reasons. I have a great boss. I get to do a variety of things, so I never get bored.  And last - but certainly not least - I get to work for an organization that teaches music to kids!

Music afforded me so many opportunities as a kid, and remains a huge part of my life today. I'm so grateful that I can play a small part in making sure all kids in Oregon have access to music education.

You can meet my boss and learn more about Ethos by watching this short feature that ran on KGW.


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