Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thrifting in Hawaii

I just had the pleasure of taking a family vacation in Honolulu with my parents, husband and mother-in-law. Our hotel was 2 miles from a small cluster of thrift stores that my mom and I have visited on previous trips. I was bound and determined to walk to and from these shops on one of the many 80-degree days we experienced. Getting there wasn't going to be the hard part; it would be carrying all those bags from store to store, trying to shop while holding said bags, then carrying everything back to the hotel on foot.

I must say, I was quite industrious and tied several bags to my backpack. I also stopped for a strong cocktail at the halfway point. By the time I got back to our hotel room, I looked like a cartoon mule that had walked for miles in the desert, then collapsed flat on its face when it finally reached its destination.

Here are just a few of the things I found on my adventure:

Vintage 1960s Hawaii zip-up sweatshirt
Vintage travel bags 
1970s Liberty House loung jumpsuit
Racks of new and vintage Hawaiian shirts


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