Lodekka Double Decker Pop-Up Shop

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A pop-up shop is a curated market which features clothing, home goods, accessories, vintage, art, etc. for a day, week, month and sometimes multiple months. It is also a great space for testing your new ideas, boost revenue, or build buzz for your brand! We love to support local makers, but all are welcome here.
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About Lodekka

Brief history

Lodekka is the brand name of this bus that was built in Bristol in 1965. It was used in the UK for 20 years for public transit. At some point in the 80’s, the bus made it’s way to the states to be used as a touring vehicle for a hockey team. It eventually landed in the hands of Erin, who was the original owner of Lodekka Double-Decker Dress Shop. After 5 years, I bought the business from Erin and two years later the shop is now Lodekka Double Decker Pop-Up Shop!

 Description and photos

Lodekka has two floors. Both are 30ft long and 8ft wide. The first floor is about 6’ tall and the second is a few inches shorter than that. The first floor has a counter and chair for a shop host to sit at. There are two original bus benches and a few hand rails on the first floor as well. The second floor has an original seat towards the front, but the rest of this floor is open. Photos of the fresh space coming soon!


The bus is located within Tidbit food cart pod on SE Division St. in Portland, OR. Tidbit is Portland’s most polished food cart pod and is located within one of our most popular neighborhoods. The address is 2880 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202.

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